Nissan Ends Pathfinder Hybrid Production For 2016 Model Year

Pathfinder Hybrid Production graphic

After a two year run, Pathfinder Hybrid Production will cease due to consumers’ preference for the V6 version showed here.

Carmakers’ lineups are constantly evolving and Nissan’s is no exception. The Japanese carmaker recently announced that it will be stopping Pathfinder Hybrid production after the hybrid SUVs two-year run. Instead, Nissan will use the 2016 lineup to focus on the 3.5-liter V6 Pathfinder.

While many consumers showed interest in going green by switching to the spacious, yet fuel-efficient hybrid SUV, the gasoline-powered Pathfinder was by far the most popular version of the SUV. June 2015 sales for the Pathfinder nameplate were up 4.9 percent with 41,938 units sold, with the V6 model being responsible for the majority of these. According to Dan Bedore, North American product communications director, “the hybrid was never a big part of Pathfinder sales.”

It is because of this dip in popularity that Pathfinder Hybrid production will cease. Compared to the 3.5-liter V6 Pathfinder, the Hybrid version only received three to four extra miles per gallon.

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