How to Keep Your Car Organized

keep your car organized

Keeping your car clean and organized will make your commute much more bearable!

While cars are one of the most convenient inventions in the history of humans, they are also an extension of our personalities. For many people, this means that they get just as cluttered as their bedrooms at home. Here’s how to keep your car organized.

Organize Your Trunk

One way to do this is to keep collapsible bins in your trunk. You can store all types of stuff in each section of the bins to keep your trunk from becoming a cluttered mess.

Clean Out Your Glove Box and Console

These tend to be places where junk just gets tossed in. They get messy quickly, so one way to fix that is to keep pouches inside each of them to store different items. One pouch can be for money, another for important documents, etc.

Repurpose Household Items

Remember that caddy for remote controls that you never use anymore? Put it to use in your car by attaching it to the back of your seats to hold extra items.

Have a Tissue Holder

You can use your cup holder for this. Fill a cup with a lid with tissues, and then you have a permanent home for them.

Keep a Small Trash Bin

If you create a lot of trash in your car, keep some sort of little bin in your vehicle so that your trash doesn’t end up strewn about the floor.

It all comes down to using your imagination. You can put anything to use if you think about it enough.

Important Emergency Items to Keep in Your Car

items to keep in your car

Cars are one of the greatest inventions in the history of humans. However, they don’t always treat us the way that we want. Here are some of the most important emergency items to keep in your car just in case.

Maintenance Items

In the event that you experience a mechanical problem with your car, be prepared with the right tools. This includes things like a fully inflated spare tire, a car jack, jumper cables, the car manual, a tire pressure gauge, duct tape, and car repair information (mechanic or AAA phone number).

Safety Items

While most people will never find themselves in a life or death situation, it does happen. Those who are prepared for it are the ones who survive. That’s why every car should have emergency items like a first aid kit, a flashlight, a multi-tool, energy bars, water bottles, and a radio.

Comfort Items

While these items may not save your life, they make your life much easier. A few simple items go a long way. Stock your car with napkins or paper towels, tissues, pens and pencils, spare change, an umbrella, a blanket, a change of clothes, and an extra charger for mobile devices.

You will thank yourself the next time you find yourself in any of these situations.

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Driving in the Snow

Now that fall is finally here, it’s a good time to freshen up on how to drive when the harsh winter weather strikes. Driving on snow- and ice-covered roads are no laughing matter and can easily lead to an accident if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few tips for driving in the snow.

  • Prepare – It never hurts to prepare for the worst. Pack your car to ensure that you have everything you need if you break down on the side of the road. Bring plenty of food, water, blankets, extra clothes, and cat litter, just in case you get stuck in the snow. Make sure you have at least a quarter of a tank of gas as well.
  • Cruise Control – If your car comes equipped with cruise control, winter is not the time to start using it. Using cruise control on a slippery surface can lead to a decreased reaction time or fishtailing all over the road. The end result can be disastrous to say the least.
  • Slow Down – Telling drivers to slow down is something everything says but few actually do. Accelerating, stopping, and slowing down all take longer on slippery roadways. Give yourself plenty of time to maneuver your vehicle by slowing down.

Another option that will help with driving in the snow is winter tires. Make a service appointment today, and get some extra traction for the snow!

Reap the Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle from Haddad Nissan

Nissan CPO

In your search for a new car, have you considered buying pre-owned? At Haddad Nissan here in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we have an extensive inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles that are just like new, only without that new car smell. Buying pre-owned can seem like risky business, but we are here to assure you that a pre-owned vehicle may be an option better suited for you. Let’s take a look at some of the significant benefits that come with buying a Certified Pre-Owned from Haddad Nissan:


When you look past the allure of having a brand new car, you will realize that buying pre-owned is a definite option to be considered. A lot of money can be saved if you are willing to give up the flawless upholstery and single digit mileage that comes with a new car. According to, in a 6 year period (average car ownership period), buying a pre-owned vehicle results in the smallest total out-of-pocket cost when compared to both leasing and buying new. This is an ideal option for many, and purchasing from Haddad Nissan assures that you are purchasing a high quality vehicle. Also relating to price, a pre-owned vehicle depreciates in value at a much slower rate than a new vehicle. New vehicles depreciate in value very quickly upon purchasing, whereas used cars have a slower rate of depreciation since they have already passed their “new car phase.”

Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

One concern for many people is that a pre-owned vehicle may be in poor condition, which would mean significant money would need to be spent on servicing the vehicle. At Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield, this is not an issue, as each vehicle must pass through an intense inspection process before they can be sold as a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned. Some of the benefits of purchasing a Nissan Certified Pre-owned include:

  • 7-year/100,000-mile Warranty
  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Car Rental Reimbursement and Towing Benefit
  • 167-Point Inspection
  • Genuine Nissan parts
  • CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™
  • Optional Security+Plus® Extended Protection Plan
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 3-month trial subscription

One of the most notable aspects of the Nissan Certified process is the 167-Point inspection. This intensive vehicle inspection process will put to rest any worries you may have about the quality of the pre-owned vehicle you are thinking of purchasing. Alongside this, the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ acts as a resource for you to ensure that you aren’t purchasing a vehicle with expensive hidden problems. The Nissan Certified standards allow our customers to shop confidently.

Dealer vs. Private Seller

There are numerous benefits to buying used from a dealership instead of a private seller. By choosing a dealership instead, you are giving up a casual atmosphere for an experience that is more beneficial to you as well as practical. By choosing a dealership, you are subject to specialized financing options, service promotions, a larger vehicle selection, and reassurance that you are purchasing a top quality pre-owned vehicle. Buying a lemon will leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth, but at Haddad Nissan, we guarantee that our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles will exceed your expectation of quality and be priced very reasonably. It is also worth mentioning that many lending companies will not finance a car from a private seller, which could prove to be a major issue for some. Why subject yourself to a time consuming and risky process by buying from a private seller when we’re right here in Pittsfield, Massachusetts waiting to get you into the pre-owned vehicle of your dreams.

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

It may still be early in October but Halloween will be here before you know it which means it’s time for a refresh on trick-or-treat safety tips. Trick-or-treat night can be one of the most enjoyable nights of the year for kids, but it could easily end in an accident if you don’t take precautions. Here are a few trick-or-treat safety tips.

  • Supervise – If your kids are younger than 13, they need to be supervised. Kids from around town are likely to be dropped off in your neighborhood and the last thing any parent wants is a missing child. Keep an eye on your children at all times. Those older than 13 should stay in well-lit areas that they’re familiar with.
  • Visibility – Go the extra mile to keep track of your child by making them more visible. While unique costumes can work, attaching a glow stick to any costume is likely a cheaper solution. As a result, it will be easier to spot your child in a crowd.
  • Driving – There’s no doubt in any driver’s mind that trick-or-treat night means streets full of children. That’s why drivers should avoid getting distracted behind the wheel and make sure they keep their lights on at all times. Slow down to avoid any wandering children!

Nissan Now Has America’s Best Truck Warranty

Best Truck Warranty

It’s official: Nissan has “America’s Best Truck Warranty.” The 5-Year/100,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper warranty comes on the 2017 Titan and Titan XD full-size pickups. Most automakers only offer limited powertrain warranties for this long, but Nissan is standing behind the quality of its product. Now you can drive with added peace of mind knowing that you have better coverage.

According to Nissan, the vehicles covered by the warranty include all Titan V8 gasoline-powered models, as well as diesel and V8 gasoline-powered 2017 Titan XD models in Crew and Single Cab configurations. Naturally, this includes both 4×2 and 4×4 models for the Titan XD. Nissan vehicles are already known for their longevity—this just proves how important quality truly is for the automaker.

“We’re pleased to now offer the same confidence-inspiring protection as our commercial vehicles for our entire range of 2017 Titan and Titan XD full-size pickups,” said Fred Diaz, division vice president and general manager, North America Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America, Inc. “The new bumper-to-bumper coverage shows customers that Nissan stands behind the quality of its vehicles – including the ones that are subject to the hardest use.”

This new warranty isn’t the only feature that’s new on the Titan. This model also gets a new Single Cab configuration, King Cab configuration, and V6 engine. With all this and state-of-the-art technologies, it’s easy to see why so many are choosing the Titan and Titan XD.

Fall Service Tips: Prepare Your Car for the Season

Fall Service Tips - Nissan

Fall Service Tips - Nissan

Fall signals a change of seasons, including shorter days, cooler temperatures, and dreary weather. That means it’s the right time for car maintenance, including tire service, new wipers, a new air filter, and more. Read on to see a list of fall service tips.

According to Bankrate, you should always change your wipers in the fall. Most wipers begin to wear out this time of year, and it’s important to change them before the rain and snow start falling. While you’re at it, consider changing the washer fluid as well.

Check tire pressure. Cooler temperatures cause a decrease in tire pressure. That means your tires could be underinflated as the fall sets in. Underinflated tires cause unnecessary friction, reducing fuel economy and increasing wear. Be sure to check your spare tire as well.

The fall is the perfect time to change your air filter. Air quality tends to dip in the fall, which can decrease performance. If you don’t want to entirely replace your air filter, you should at least blow out the filter with compressed air.

Finally, check your battery for corrosion. Colder temperatures affect electrical systems negatively. Make sure that your battery is not expired and that it is corrosion free. Carefully take a wire brush to the terminals if they are in poor condition. Use extra caution, as live electrical currents can be very dangerous.

Get Your 30,000 Mile Service Done at Haddad Nissan

30,000 Mile Service

You purchased a new vehicle recently, maybe within the past year or so, and you are coming up on 30,000 miles on your odometer. This means it’s time to bring your vehicle in to ensure both safety and top performance. You may be considering going to an independent garage with hopes of saving some money, in which case you will be pleased to learn that there are numerous benefits to returning to Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield instead!

A common myth that gets spread around is that dealerships try to profit off of customers by offering unnecessary services when you reach the 30,000 mile mark. This is a common misconception, as these dealer recommended services are very beneficial in terms of vehicle performance and safety.

The 30,000 mile service includes everything from the 15,000 mile service, along with new transmission fluid, a fuel filter, and an inspection that is a bit more thorough than the last. For those who aren’t mechanically inclined, transmission fluid lubricates each part of the transmission to make sure that you can change gears smoothly. The fuel filter is exactly what it sounds like: it filters out unwanted material such as dust and dirt out of your gas, which would otherwise slowly ruin your Nissan’s engine.

When you purchase a vehicle at a dealer, it makes the most sense to service it at the dealer. You may believe you are being upsold with dealer recommended services, but you must also consider that many of your service needs may be covered under warranty. If you go elsewhere for service, you may end up paying for something that could’ve been done for free at the dealership. This idea people have that the dealer service department is trying to rip you off is equally applicable to a mechanic at a local garage. Both make profits from servicing vehicles, so why would only the dealer try and sell you additional services?

When the dealership offers you services that are not required for warranty or in the vehicle’s manual, it is not just a scheme to make money. Our technicians here at Haddad Nissan in The Berkshires are the absolute most qualified to be servicing your Nissan, and they each have vast knowledge of how to make your vehicle perform at its best and be as safe as possible. That being said, our technicians would not offer you a service if they felt it wasn’t of importance to you. You don’t want to overlook any necessary service, as that may shorten the lifespan of your vehicle. It is also worth noting that while you may pay a bit more for the dealer recommended services, these can carry over and make your 60,000 mile service a bit less expensive. So essentially, the price will balance out either way. If this isn’t something you want, you can certainly get only the required service from the manual for the lowest cost, just let one of our service technicians know!

We are devoted to keeping your Nissan in its best possible shape. Make your 30,000 mile service appointment today at Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield and you will be far from disappointed!

Nissan Launches ProPilot System


Unlike Nissan’s fully autonomous concept, the ProPilot system is designed to merely assist human drivers

Welcome to the future—or at least, the near future! Nissan is premiering their first semi-autonomous driving system this year, and it’s going to be a driving experience like never before. It’s called the ProPilot system.

This system will debut in Nissan’s home country of Japan first before it comes to the United States, where interested families can get their hands on a new minivan with the ProPilot system. It will debut in the Nissan Serena in Japan, which is slightly different than the Quest.

The system acts as a highway assist using a single camera to read lane markings and distance from other cars. It differs from Subaru’s twin cameras and the camera/radar/ultrasound in the Tesla.

ProPilot doesn’t rely on any radar or lidar sensors, but it can steer, brake, and accelerate your car automatically. It takes cruise control to a whole new level, working between 19 and 62 mph when in constant traffic. You’ll get a button on the steering wheel that starts ProPilot.

The system is expected to improve even more and be capable in higher speed once it gets to the U.S. So get excited, soon you might be a Nissan co-pilot with Nissan as the driver!

The Dealership Service Advantage at Haddad Nissan

Haddad Nissan

Imagine yourself in this situation: you just recently purchased a new vehicle and you now have to bring it in to get serviced for the first time. This may be a situation you have faced before, or one you are going to encounter within the near future. Are you going to bring your vehicle back to the dealership you purchased from or are you going to go to an independent local garage? If you look at the pros and cons of each, it is clear to see that returning to the dealership is the obvious choice.

Luckily, we have an exceptional service department here at Haddad Nissan in the Berkshires! Let’s take a look at why servicing here in Pittsfield at our dealership is the best bet for your money.


Our technicians here at Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield are the absolute most qualified to be servicing your Nissan. Each technician is a specialist with manufacturer training for working on Nissan vehicles. This specialization gives our technicians very specific knowledge of Nissan vehicles, contrary to a technician at an independent garage. Local garage technicians have knowledge and experience that is broader and more spread out, as they require a knowledge of numerous makes and models. With manufacturer training for specifically Nissan vehicles, our technicians have experience that is much more relevant to you, and can do the highest quality work on your Nissan.


Depending on the issue you are having with your Nissan vehicle, it may be covered under warranty. In this case, Haddad Nissan will service your vehicle free of charge. Despite having a warranty, you will still be charged for the servicing if you go to a local garage instead of the dealership. Haddad is paid by Nissan to repair vehicles under warranty or that have recalls, which means that there is no way a local garage can match this level of coverage. Another great reason to choose Haddad Nissan for your service needs is that we will send you timely reminders before your scheduled service, as well as keep a complete history of your maintenance visits.


Being a Nissan dealership means that Haddad Nissan gets access to Nissan’s new service tools and specifications faster than any local garage. Alongside this, having a larger facility than the average local garage means that we have more service bays available to customers. Having more service bays means a quicker turnaround time for you! While the location of a local garage could potentially be easier for you to get to, Haddad Nissan does offer a free shuttle to anywhere within 10 miles of the dealership. Not to mention that the extra distance is well worth it for service under warranty. We also have free Wi-Fi, and a plentiful supply of coffee and snacks should you choose to wait at the dealership instead. A local garage simply does not have the organization and customer service that you will find here in Pittsfield at Haddad Nissan.


It can’t be denied that servicing at a dealership may be a bit more expensive than a local garage, but the end result is worth it. Brian Hafer, the Vice President of AutoMD, stated that “car owners should not look just at the labor costs but at the bottom line. Especially in newer model cars needing complex repairs, dealers will sometimes have more sophisticated diagnostic equipment than independents.” This is a good summary of how the quality of service you will receive at Haddad Nissan outweighs the possible difference in price with an independent local garage.

Schedule service with us today! Here at Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield, our Nissan trained technicians are waiting to service your vehicle to its best performance. Check out the Nissan Service Center on our website for more information!