Nissan Pushes to Continue Consumer Tax Credit on Electric Vehicles

Nissan LEAF

The market of electric vehicles is relatively new. While these green options are appealing in their own ways, there is one thing that has helped encourage buyers to switch over to electric from their more traditional gas vehicles. For every electric vehicle that a person buys from a brand like Nissan, they can claim a $7,500 consumer tax credit.

This tax credit on electric vehicles was an incentive that was created to encourage more sales, benefitting the manufacturers, the buyers, and in turn the environment which suffers less with more electric and less gas vehicles. But the credit came with limitations. As of right now, after 200,000 vehicles are sold per manufacturer the credit will no longer exist. Nissan is one of the big companies fighting to get rid of this limitation.

Nissan has teamed up with other producers of electric vehicles, as well as the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and the Christian Coalition, to lobby for the cap to be lifted. An incentive like the tax credit will reward people for making a green and sustainable choice, and will encourage people to go this route. Nissan hopes that the legislation passes, saving jobs, decreasing emissions, and saving buyers money.

Even though the continuation of the tax credit is still up in the air, Nissan has not yet hit their cap, which means that those interested in green vehicles can still get their consumer tax credit on the 2018 Nissan Leaf, the best-selling all-electric car in the world. Test drive it today at Haddad Nissan!