Haddad Accounting Spotlight

A usual visit to Haddad consists of meeting with a sales consultant and perhaps looking at vehicles on the lot or going for a test drive. While these are everyday activities here at Haddad’s, there is a substantial amount of work that may go unnoticed, despite being absolutely crucial to the functionality of our dealerships. Last time, we showcased our Business Development Center, so today the spotlight is on the Haddad Accounting Department!

Haddad Accounting Department

(Left to Right: Michelle Flaherty, Nick Roe, Nicole Kellogg)

Nicole Kellogg has been with Haddad for over 2 years, but became a part of the accounting team about 5 months ago. Haddad is the largest organization she has worked for, so she has developed both a “team effort” attitude as well as many friendships. Nicole believes that these are crucial to a good working environment, and that everyone should be accommodating and willing to help out, even with matters unrelated to work. Nicole is a lover of nature and animals, and particularly enjoys horseback riding. Aside from this, she is also a big fan of NASCAR! Of all the good food located here in The Berkshires, Nicole absolutely loves Koto Steakhouse and Hibachi right here in Pittsfield.

Michelle Flaherty is fairly new at Haddad, working here for around 3 months. Michelle finds that working at Haddad is very rewarding because she can set a goal for the day and almost always accomplish it by the time she clocks out. Michelle has been married for 35 years and has a son that lives all the way across the country in San Diego, California. Swimming, bike riding, and sitting on her deck with a good book are some of Michelle’s favorite activities outside of work. For local eats, Michelle absolutely loves Mario’s Restaurant located in New Lebanon

Nick Roe has been a part of the Haddad team for around 15 months in our accounting department. Similarly to many of our employees, Nick feels that everyone at Haddad works as a team for both work related and personal matters. Nick’s favorite local restaurant to order lunch from is Hot Harry’s in Pittsfield, a common favorite here at Haddad. When he’s not at work, Nick is generally spending time with his family and dogs, or cleaning and detailing his Dodge Ram.