3 Reasons to Buy Used

Let’s be honest — buying used can have a spooky connotation. Everyone has heard used car horror stories of over-paying, non-stop maintenance, and lemons. Used cars have gotten a bad rap. In reality, shopping used can be a much better buying experience. Here are just a few reasons to buy used.

reasons to buy used

1. Higher Selection

The used car market is broad and diverse. Think of it this way: every car that is on the road — by virtue of it having been purchased and driven — is a used car. And as technology and engineering improve, cars stay on the road longer — deepening that already vast pool and improving choose for consumers. Rather than limiting yourself to the couple of hundred vehicles on a car lot, buying used opens up the marketplace and increases your odds of finding a perfect fit.

2. Lower Premiums

In many cases, car registration fees and insurance premiums are determined by car value. When you buy used, you’re saving money upfront and in the long run — since your car has lesser monetary value, there is less risk for insurance companies related to potential payouts, and you get charged less in premiums.

3. Value Buys

It’s amazing the difference a word makes. When a car is “used,” its market value is a fraction of its “new” sticker price. When a new car is driven off the lot, its value immediately depreciates by as much as 50%. As a used car shopper, you can find vehicles that are one and two years old featuring minimal wear and tear that are half the price of its new, un-driven counterparts on dealer lots. When shopping used, drivers can find excellent value buys on high-quality vehicles without breaking the bank.

Buying used is also a much less stressful process when you do it at a trusted dealership like Haddad Nissan. Check out our extensive inventory of quality used cars today!

Meet Our Summer Intern, Joe Scibelli Jr.

My first summer internship at Haddad Dealerships of The Berkshires was a richly rewarding experience, so I am ecstatic that I was given the opportunity to come back. The skills that I acquired during my time in the BDC have proven to be very valuable in building a resume, as well as helping me narrow down my career path. I would say that the most crucial part of the internship was the marketing experience I gained from running a few of Haddad’s many social media accounts. Promoting the annual Haddad Sock Game and The Haddad 600 took a great deal of creative thinking, and required me to learn how to effectively and interactively communicate to a large audience of customers. I learned a great deal about search engine optimization through writing blog posts like these, and I was introduced to HTML through creating a brand new set of email templates for the BDC and sales consultants. While the experience was valuable, we also managed to fit in quite a bit of fun. We traveled to the summit of Mount Greylock and other scenic locations around the Pittsfield area to take pictures that were used for the Haddad website’s call- to-action buttons; I even had fun choosing where to order lunch among the many great options here in The Berkshires, Hot Harry’s in Dalton being my first choice.

Summer Intern

Interning is hard work!

This time around, I look forward to learning some management skills, and continuing to learn my way around DealerSocket and all the other tools that help each of the Haddad Dealerships function. Effective communication between the dealerships’ is absolutely essential to maximizing sales, so as my area of study, I hope to take what I learned from communication courses at UMass Amherst and apply them in a way that benefits Haddad. Working in the BDC has been my first real opportunity to connect my studies with an actual job, which has made the actual experience of going to a university feel more valuable than I once thought.

Summer Intern

Meet Mr. Joe Scibelli Jr.

While I’m proud of my accomplishments so far, more than anything I am excited to continue learning through experience and unlock my full potential; I am confident that the BDC at Haddad is conducive to doing exactly that. I am greatly looking forward to spending another summer at Haddad Auto, and I know that I will leave here in September with a more developed skillset, more experience, and a determination to find myself a career where I can utilize all the skills that I have worked so hard to learn. I owe a lot to Shannon and the whole team here at the BDC for getting me this far, but I certainly have a lot more to learn and I have never felt readier!


Spring Car Cleaning Tips

So, the “ice is finally melting” and the “smiles are returning to their faces.” This can only mean one thing: you’ve been listening to “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. Or, maybe, spring is really here. And in that case, a little spring car cleaning is probably in order. Here are some tips!

spring car cleaning

Scrub a dub dub!

The interior part of your vehicle that has likely suffered the most abuse over the course of the winter is where you put your feet. Pull out all of your floor mats and shake them out thoroughly. You may need to get them wet in order to work out the crud wrought of salt and sleet. Next, comes the shampoo and hand-brush. Scrub vigorously, rinse, and hang out to dry.

Of course, the most obvious victim of the cold weather and snow is your vehicle’s exterior. The first step is getting all of the salt residue off the finish before you start scrubbing, otherwise, you may push salt into the scratches in your exterior. Try squeezing soapy water all over your vehicle and then rinsing it off. Then you can use a soap and sponge and scrub to your heart’s desire.

Don’t worry about cleaning your windshield wipers. Just replace them! If only everything in life were that easy…

Looking to replace your current vehicle? Stop in at Haddad Nissan and take a test drive today.

Fall Service Tips: Prepare Your Car for the Season

Fall Service Tips - Nissan

Fall Service Tips - Nissan

Fall signals a change of seasons, including shorter days, cooler temperatures, and dreary weather. That means it’s the right time for car maintenance, including tire service, new wipers, a new air filter, and more. Read on to see a list of fall service tips.

According to Bankrate, you should always change your wipers in the fall. Most wipers begin to wear out this time of year, and it’s important to change them before the rain and snow start falling. While you’re at it, consider changing the washer fluid as well.

Check tire pressure. Cooler temperatures cause a decrease in tire pressure. That means your tires could be underinflated as the fall sets in. Underinflated tires cause unnecessary friction, reducing fuel economy and increasing wear. Be sure to check your spare tire as well.

The fall is the perfect time to change your air filter. Air quality tends to dip in the fall, which can decrease performance. If you don’t want to entirely replace your air filter, you should at least blow out the filter with compressed air.

Finally, check your battery for corrosion. Colder temperatures affect electrical systems negatively. Make sure that your battery is not expired and that it is corrosion free. Carefully take a wire brush to the terminals if they are in poor condition. Use extra caution, as live electrical currents can be very dangerous.

The Dealership Service Advantage at Haddad Nissan

Haddad Nissan

Imagine yourself in this situation: you just recently purchased a new vehicle and you now have to bring it in to get serviced for the first time. This may be a situation you have faced before, or one you are going to encounter within the near future. Are you going to bring your vehicle back to the dealership you purchased from or are you going to go to an independent local garage? If you look at the pros and cons of each, it is clear to see that returning to the dealership is the obvious choice.

Luckily, we have an exceptional service department here at Haddad Nissan in the Berkshires! Let’s take a look at why servicing here in Pittsfield at our dealership is the best bet for your money.


Our technicians here at Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield are the absolute most qualified to be servicing your Nissan. Each technician is a specialist with manufacturer training for working on Nissan vehicles. This specialization gives our technicians very specific knowledge of Nissan vehicles, contrary to a technician at an independent garage. Local garage technicians have knowledge and experience that is broader and more spread out, as they require a knowledge of numerous makes and models. With manufacturer training for specifically Nissan vehicles, our technicians have experience that is much more relevant to you, and can do the highest quality work on your Nissan.


Depending on the issue you are having with your Nissan vehicle, it may be covered under warranty. In this case, Haddad Nissan will service your vehicle free of charge. Despite having a warranty, you will still be charged for the servicing if you go to a local garage instead of the dealership. Haddad is paid by Nissan to repair vehicles under warranty or that have recalls, which means that there is no way a local garage can match this level of coverage. Another great reason to choose Haddad Nissan for your service needs is that we will send you timely reminders before your scheduled service, as well as keep a complete history of your maintenance visits.


Being a Nissan dealership means that Haddad Nissan gets access to Nissan’s new service tools and specifications faster than any local garage. Alongside this, having a larger facility than the average local garage means that we have more service bays available to customers. Having more service bays means a quicker turnaround time for you! While the location of a local garage could potentially be easier for you to get to, Haddad Nissan does offer a free shuttle to anywhere within 10 miles of the dealership. Not to mention that the extra distance is well worth it for service under warranty. We also have free Wi-Fi, and a plentiful supply of coffee and snacks should you choose to wait at the dealership instead. A local garage simply does not have the organization and customer service that you will find here in Pittsfield at Haddad Nissan.


It can’t be denied that servicing at a dealership may be a bit more expensive than a local garage, but the end result is worth it. Brian Hafer, the Vice President of AutoMD, stated that “car owners should not look just at the labor costs but at the bottom line. Especially in newer model cars needing complex repairs, dealers will sometimes have more sophisticated diagnostic equipment than independents.” This is a good summary of how the quality of service you will receive at Haddad Nissan outweighs the possible difference in price with an independent local garage.

Schedule service with us today! Here at Haddad Nissan in Pittsfield, our Nissan trained technicians are waiting to service your vehicle to its best performance. Check out the Nissan Service Center on our website for more information!