Nissan Commercial Vehicles – Improving Daily Professions

Nissan commercial vehiclesAt Haddad Nissan, we know that every person has different needs and a unique style. We also understand that driving may not just be your commute to work, but it may be part of your actual job.

When you need a vehicle for your job, look no further than the Nissan Commercial Vehicle Lineup. Nissan has a variety of commercial vehicles that will fit your needs.

Are you a plumber? You need a vehicle that can haul all your supplies efficiently, and you can customize your commercial vehicle with the Cargo Management System. This system has three adjustable shelving units and a cargo partition.

Are you a painter? If so you probably use a ladder when completing your work.  Having a truck with an EZ Load Ladder Rack will be beneficial. This ladder rack grips the ladders securely for safe transportation and has an ease of loading and unloading.

Are you a sports coach? If you need a vehicle that will fit the whole team, The Nissan VN passenger van seats 12 passengers and has 324 seating configurations.

No matter if you are hauling a people or cargo, Nissan has a commercial vehicle that will fit your business needs. These vehicles can be customized and the exterior can even be used to promote your company. Nissan commercial vehicles benefit many professions. Come in to Haddad Nissan to learn more about the advantages of using a Nissan commercial vehicle in your profession.

Commercial Vehicles at Haddad Nissan Get the Job Done!

commercial vehicles

If you’re looking for a work vehicle, chances are you’ll want something with plenty of cargo space that’s affordable and reliable. We have good news for you! Nissan had a great lineup of commercial vehicles that are everything you need – plus much more!

For those searching for a car to hold lots of stuff, like painters or plumbers, check out the Nissan NV Cargo. This van has 234 cubic feet of cargo space in the base model. If you’re looking for even more room, go for the high roof option and gain 89 cubic feet of space!

If you’re looking for a car that holds lots of people, like a sports team or church group, take a look at the Nissan NV Passenger. This 12-seat van offers 324 different seating configurations, so it can adapt to whatever situation you put it in.

Finally, if the full-size NV vans are a bit large for your job, we have a smaller option – the Nissan NV Compact Cargo. This van is efficient with easier handling than its larger siblings. And it comes at a great price!

We have several options for you here at Haddad Nissan. Come see us today and ask us about America’s Best Commercial Van Warranty that comes with every commercial purchase!