2016 Wards Best interior List Includes 2016 Nissan Maxima

Wards Best Interior

The 2016 Wards Best Interior List, an annual list of the cars with the ten best interiors in the auto industry compiled by WardsAuto, chose the 2016 Nissan Maxima for one of its spots after months of narrowing it down from the initial list of nominees. The nominees also included the Altima and TITAN.

In its eighth generation now, the Maxima is more advanced and comfortably designed than ever. Wards cited Nissan’s flagship sedan warm color scheme, various color accents, and fine craftsmanship as the reasons behind making the list. The level of comfort and technology offered in the Maxima’s interior is on par with many more expensive luxury brands, and was called “the ideal front-wheel-drive sport sedan.” They also appreciated the Maxima’s active noise cancellation and active sound enhancement.

According to WardsAuto editors, Nissan “took some chances with the Maxima interior, but the rewards were evident.” The Wards Best Interior List has been awarded to the Maxima now for six years in a row and in 2015 named the Nissan Murano to the list.