Meet Our Haddad BDC Representatives

Haddad BDC

Left to Right: Teresa, Amanda, Ashley, Nikko

When most people think of a car dealership, they instantly think of a showroom scattered with sales consultants making deals. While this is a typical event here at Haddad in Pittsfield, many people are unaware of the hard work that goes on behind closed doors in our Business Development Center. Our BDC representatives work diligently every day directing calls, following up on leads, setting up appointments for our sales consultants, sending price quotes, and assisting customers with all of their other questions regarding vehicles. Without our BDC representatives, Haddad Nissan simply would not operate as smoothly as we do! That’s why we want to introduce you to our enthusiastic and hardworking representatives:

Amanda Crosby has been with Haddad for just over a year. Amanda is a very family oriented person, which includes her dog, Harper. Eventually, she wants to move to the Adirondacks, which makes complete sense considering her love for hiking, fishing, and hunting. Out of all the vehicles that are sold here at Haddad, Amanda really likes to sell trucks, and eventually wants to get a Nissan Titan with a Cummins engine for herself. Every Friday here at the BDC, we order lunch from a local restaurant. Amanda’s first pick is either Hot Harry’s or Samel’s Deli, both located here in Pittsfield. Working at Haddad has been a great experience for Amanda; she says that her co-workers feel like they are family, and that George Haddad and Mike Coggins are great people to work for. Most notably, Amanda mentions that there is a sense of caring at Haddad that she has never felt at any other job.

Ashley Strack was actually hired at the same time as Amanda, meaning she has been working here for somewhere around 16 months. Also similarly, Ashley claims that the BDC representatives are becoming like family to her. Visiting friends and family, spending time outside in nice weather, watching football, going shopping, and doing creative craft projects are just a few of the ways that Ashley spends her time outside of work. Aside from that, learning about new things every day that she didn’t previously know she was interested is the most rewarding part of her experience working at Haddad. Ashley particularly likes to sell new SUVs such as the Nissan Rogue. Her favorite local restaurant is Patrick’s Pub, despite its opening a bit too late to eat for lunch. Aside from Patrick’s, Ashley absolutely loves both chocolate and coffee.

Teresa Gladu has been with Haddad for just over two years! Teresa is the mother of 4 children, two boys and two girls. Fishing and camping are some of her favorite hobbies, but she spends a lot of her time hanging out at home waiting for a kid or two to come visit with some grandchildren. Teresa’s favorite part about working at Haddad is the wonderful feeling of contributing to sales by doing her job, and Haddad’s coming together to support both the community and employees. On Friday’s for lunch, Teresa’s go-to is a turkey club from Samel’s Deli. Teresa says that she finds herself pushing people towards buying a Toyota RAV4 after buying one for herself and falling in love with it.

Nikko Rodriguez has been with Haddad for around 10 months and was actually a sales consultant at our Toyota store previously. Nikko spent most of his life in Texas and moved to The Berkshires when he was 16. Reading, writing, listening to music, and spending time outdoors, particularly at the beach are some of Nikko’s favorite activities when he’s not at work. To him, the best part of working for Haddad is that he comes across different types of people every day from all over the world and is able to engage them. Nikko’s absolute favorite vehicle to sell is a Toyota Tundra 1794. When the team orders lunch on Fridays, Nikko’s vote is usually for Jae’s Asian Bistro in Lenox.

As you can see, our BDC representatives are like family to each other here at Haddad. They work hard every day to get the best deals for you and to make the showroom operate more smoothly at each dealership. This department is a crucial aspect of Haddad’s business, so the team deserves to be showcased!

Nissan Maxima Wins Strategic Vision Total Quality Impact Award

Strategic Vision Total Quality Impact Award

The Nissan Maxima was recently announced the winner of the Strategic Vision Total Quality Impact (TQI) award. Scoring the best among competitors in its segment, the 2016 Maxima received a score of 720/1000. This award is based on surveys about vehicle performance and owner satisfaction.

According to Nissan, the Maxima performed well in every key category, including safety, comfort, durability, style, power, and thoughtful engineering among other things. It also scored well among buyers looking for added excitement and individuality, proving just how impressive the new Maxima truly is.

“The 2016 Maxima, the flagship of our popular sedan lineup, sets the standard for style, performance and technology – all aspects that were acknowledged by the Maxima owners participating in the Strategic Vision TQI study,” said Dan Mohnke, vice president, Nissan Chief Marketing Manager & Marketing Operations. “We are particularly pleased by the high rankings in the emotional measures of the study, reflecting the Maxima’s positioning as a true driver’s car.”

The Nissan Maxima has also been recognized by WardsAuto and MotorWeek, earning a Driver’s Choice Award, 10 Best Interiors, and 10 Best Engines awards. The Total Quality Impact award is given by Strategic Vision with an effort to discover which vehicles overall do the best in the industry. With sales up over 140 percent, the new Maxima is definitely proving its merit.

Financing Through a Dealership: Finding Great Rates

financing through a dealership

Virtually all modern cars are financed in this day and age, making it especially important to understand your financing options. Generally, there are three ways to get a loan for your car—through a bank or credit union, through the dealership, or through a private lender. While banks and credit unions often claim to have the best options, there are some reasons to consider financing through a dealership.

Typically, dealerships have access to a wide array of financial institutions, as well as car-buying options. According to JD Power, this is largely due to the fact that dealerships have financial experts that deal with financing on a daily basis, developing connections and learning all the tricks of the trade. When you shop around for a loan on your own, it can be difficult to find the best rates or the right financing for you, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Dealership financial experts can also help you get the monthly payments you want to pay. This is great news for people on set budgets, including recent graduates, part-time workers, or elderly car buyers. If you have a set income, simply let your dealer know how much you can afford per month and they can help you reach that goal.

Finally, financing through a dealership is hassle free. Despite what some people might say, it can be nerve wracking and time consuming to search out banks across your town that will give you a loan—something the dealer can do in-house in a matter of minutes. If you want an easy car-buying experience, come to Haddad Nissan.