How to Fix a Car Dent

Fix a Car DentFixing a dent in your car doesn’t have to be expensive. Odds are you can do it yourself without leaving the garage, provided you have the right tools. By using common household items, you can likely avoid the repair shop and save a good amount of money. Here are a few ways to fix a car dent from us here at Haddad Nissan.

  1. Boiling Water – If you got a dent in your rear bumper, you already know the plastic isn’t very flexible. To help fix it, remove the bumper and apply hot or boiling water to the dent. The heat should make the plastic more malleable, allowing you to push the dent out.
  2. Plunger – If you have a sink plunger, called a cup plunger in stores, lying around, you already have everything to remove small and medium-sized dents. Apply water to both the plunger and the dent. Push and pull like you would on a clog. The suction should pop the dent out.
  3. Hot and Cold Air – By using a hair dryer to heat the metal then using an upside down can of compressed air to cool it, you can remove a dent without even touching it. The heat causes the metal to expand while the cold air makes it contract, effectively removing the dent.

Benefits of NissanConnect Infotainment System

Every automaker seems to have some kind of infotainment system in most of their vehicles. Nissan is no different, packing the NissanConnect infotainment system into most models. From the basics to more advanced features, NissanConnect is designed to appeal to drivers everywhere with benefits far beyond what other automakers offer.

Possibly the most important benefit of NissanConnect is the added peace of mind and security. Response specialists are on-call at the touch of a button. If your airbags are deployed and you’re unable to hit the button, a live agent will send first responders to your location.

If there’s a young driver behind the wheel, NissanConnect can help you keep control. Curfew, Max Speed, and Boundary Alerts will notify you if your teen pushes the limits. On top of that, you’ll receive an alert if there’s a warning light on in the vehicle.

It’s a whole new musical world with NissanConnect. Packed with music apps, like Pandora and iHeart Radio, you can pick and choose what to listen to from a massive selection. Bluetooth your smartphone or iPod and listen to your playlists. Equipped with SiriusXM Travel Link, you can check out local movies, sports scores, stock market data, weather, and much, much more!

The NissanConnect infotainment system is an all-encompassing system that will fit the needs of every driver! Here at Haddad Nissan, we have the know how to answer all of your questions!