Nissan Commercial Vehicles – Improving Daily Professions

Nissan commercial vehiclesAt Haddad Nissan, we know that every person has different needs and a unique style. We also understand that driving may not just be your commute to work, but it may be part of your actual job.

When you need a vehicle for your job, look no further than the Nissan Commercial Vehicle Lineup. Nissan has a variety of commercial vehicles that will fit your needs.

Are you a plumber? You need a vehicle that can haul all your supplies efficiently, and you can customize your commercial vehicle with the Cargo Management System. This system has three adjustable shelving units and a cargo partition.

Are you a painter? If so you probably use a ladder when completing your work.  Having a truck with an EZ Load Ladder Rack will be beneficial. This ladder rack grips the ladders securely for safe transportation and has an ease of loading and unloading.

Are you a sports coach? If you need a vehicle that will fit the whole team, The Nissan VN passenger van seats 12 passengers and has 324 seating configurations.

No matter if you are hauling a people or cargo, Nissan has a commercial vehicle that will fit your business needs. These vehicles can be customized and the exterior can even be used to promote your company. Nissan commercial vehicles benefit many professions. Come in to Haddad Nissan to learn more about the advantages of using a Nissan commercial vehicle in your profession.

Pittsfield’s Upstreet Arts Festival

By Protophobic - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Downtown and Park Square, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Photo By Protophobic

Pittsfield, Massachusetts is a great town with many fantastic events. One of the upcoming events is the Fifth Annual Festival. This festival will be held February 11th-21st in the city’s Upstreet Culture District.

Last year’s festival drew over 7200 patrons to downtown Pittsfield to experience more than 75 performances, art exhibits, and events and even more events and people are expected at this year’s festival.

Berkshire Gas will be sponsoring Pittsfield’s Upstreet Arts Festival, which will feature programming such as the 10X10 New Play Festival at the Barrington Stage Company; Ten Days of Play at Berkshire Museum; the Ten Spot Art Show at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts; a Best of BIFF Shorts at the Beacon Cinema; and several varied performances of music and theater at the Whitney Center for the Arts.

The upcoming 2016 festival will also feature the return of the Dance Ten performance, as well as being the second year with fireworks filling the winter night skill over the First Street Common. The festival has been spearheaded by the Barrington Stage Company and the City of Pittsfield.

Dan Bianchi, the Pittsfield Mayor states, “The 10×10 Upstreet Arts Festival is another great opportunity to enjoy the winter in the Berkshires. Now in its fifth year, the event attracts residents and tourists alike to Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District, which showcases the amazing talents of our local artists, performers and arts organizations.”

Haddad Nissan is looking forward to enjoying the variety of creative talent that will be displayed at the festival.